Open the window

And lift into your dreams

lately, baby

you can barely breathe.



Here I have collected all the R.E.M. links which we have in Russia. So, as you seE , we enjoy this band, too. But unfortunately , there are not so many sites in our countryI hope in future there will be more sites.

This is the best Russian site. Good biography of members of the band, good pictures archive, great collection of CDs , Books , DVDs , videos .Cool links!

Some photos, biography,lirycs.Sometimes-news.

The best biography on Russian

Another good biography.

An article about band, some interesting details & facts

Not bad biography,MP3,links,mobile music & so on

Good biography, lyrics, some good pictures



Middle biography ,some good links & photos


Its Russian, but its in English. Many interesting information


This is removed but with more information. First large normal Russian site Very good, Jophiel!


This is very new site-its appeared at the beginning of the 2004. Usual information, forum. There may be troubles with code L








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