Here I have collected all the foreign ( to Russians) links. Here as famous sites as bad-known , too. Now there are not very much sites , but I think Ill add some links. By the way , if u have any links or u keep your own R.E.M. sites ,send them to me.

This is an official site of the band so, no comment

Fresh news ,fan-club, communication with other fans

3-language site-English, Polish & Italian. Fresh news, Good photos, MP3, Tour dates, GREAT biography & so on. Tons of information about concert in Warsaw

Its a classical site photos, guitar tabs, lyrics , pictures

In general everything is in the same as the previous site has

Lyrics, rare photos, covers of the 1-st singles

Its a Slovak site. Now its not very big now but I hope It will be good & large

German site. Among usual sections there are shop & video

Here u can download video, MP3. There is also a useful section with video description. But unfortunately this site does not update

There are video , pictures , biography, lyrics & here u can vote for the best album. But no updates, too..

Good Spanish site

Classical sections + video

Its a large Polish site here u can buy a tickets to the concert in Warsaw

A great German site rare photos ,links, covers of singles. But no update

Large site with many-many sections. I advice u to visit it!

German site. Special things- photos from Berlin concert in 1999 , in discography much information about covers of discs, about people who helped the band with albums.

Discography of CDs with limited edition.

Rather good page- guitar tabs, discography, bootlegs

Unfortunately web-master of this site died in 1997

But there are many information on site: lyrics(even of songs like Revolution) , 3, videos , much information about last at that time album Nw adventures in hi-fi. Many useful links.

Here are a standard sections. If u want u may not to visit it

Great Spanish site video & many other sections

This is something !!! When Ive visited it I thought Im a child in candy shop! Many video ,Photos & not only!

Its rather useless site little information & no update

Italian community. Great photos archive & not only

An English site. I dont like it very much- little information, bad update..

R.E.M. ocean flower aquarium as it was written. Its an interesting place. Visit it!

Good German site , many different sections..


Lyrics archive

Another good Polish site an interesting design


Good Holland site on English. Many materials, no troubles with updates


REM tablatures, chords, lyrics,& NOT ONLY


 Polish unofficial site about band R.E.M.



 Notcias (news) -Biografas (biography) -Discografa (discography) -Letras en Espaol (lyrics) -Musica (audio) -Fotos (photos) - Prensa (report) -Acordes (chords) -Chat -Foro (forum) - enlaces (links) -Feedback




The largest single collection of live/rare R.E.M. MP3's & videos on the Internet (over 25 gigabytes)




Good German site About R.E.M.
 is a french website about REM : everything about REM is here (news-lyrics-tabs-archives-pictures-downloads tourdates-reviews-videos-links-forums-chat ...).



Download commercially unavailable REM live tracks and studio rarities in MP3 format -- all FREE.









Do you want more? go here!
















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