I only wish that I could hear you whisper down,

Mister fisherman, to a less peculiar ground.

He gathered up his loved ones and he brought them all around

To say goodbye, nice try.

Heyyyyyy, let me in. yeah yeah yeah

Heyyyyyy, let me in. Let me in




Hello to everyone! Now our English version works, too. As you understood, this is one of the Russian R.E.M. sites! Yes we love this group, too! Unfortunately, there are not so many REM fans in Russia as in USA or in England, but theyre exist! Here I have the best R.E.M. links- our Russian & foreign! Now the links collection is not very big but Ill update my site! If you want to comment or say something, use our guestbook-its on Russian but there will not be any troubles in its using! If u want to contact with me( any suggestions, links, ideas) sent an e-mail! By the way, you have any links, sent them, too! Now Here I have not only links , but some rare materials & information about new album!







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